How to Draw Shonen, Draw Anime Boys


Generally speaking, Shonen will include adventurous plotlines with lots of fighting and explosions. The boys aren't as pretty as Shoujo men, and the girl are often scantily clad. Like Shoujo, Shonen comes in a range of styles. Here are three well-kno   


Here's a close up of the three boy's heads. Shonen, like Shoujo, can have very simplistic styles or very detailed styles depending on the artist and the story being told. Death Notes serious style fits it's serious storyline, while Naruto's style fit   


Now let's focus on the types of body styles you can incorporate into your drawing. These three were done in the same style, but notice how different each one looks. Different hair styles and eyes will only bring you so far, it's important to have var   


Unlike Shoujo, Shonen usually focuses on fights, so it's important to understand musculature. Here's a few examples of common and not so common muscle types. Note the differences between each example.


There are many ways to show musculature. You can just draw the line simply, or you may want to use hatching for a more realistic look, or you may even want to just show the shadows for a stylistic approach.


Now that's we've learned a lot about the body, let's take a minute to look at different hairstyles too. Most shonen keep the hair very simple, but the decision is up to you. Here are a few examples.


With all the tips we've covered, it's time to learn to draw the first of our three boys. Sketch out the skeleton.


Our boy doesn't have much muscle yet. Sketch in the neck and torso, making sure to have the hips smaller than the shoulders.


Add the lines for the legs and arms.


Now for the hands and feet, sketch them in, leaving the feet without detail. We'll be adding clothes to them later.


Finally add the facial features. The eyes are simply two large dots.


Here we have our three characters with different hairstyles and the bottom half of their outfits sketched in. Notice how each character has their own styles.


Add the tops of their outfits, making sure to erase any lines underneath. Remember to add clothing folds that curve the same way that the bodies do.


Finally we have our three character dressed and ready to be put into a Shonen manga or anime. Use the tips you've learned to make your own shonen characters with cool hairstyles and different musculature. Have fun creating your own style.

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January 14, 2013

Description: Last tutorial, I covered the basics of drawing Shoujo, now here's a tutorial on Shonen. Shonen is used as a term to describe manga aimed at boy's. Instead of day to day life that is usually covered in Shoujo manga and anime, Shonen usually followes boys in danger filled adventures.

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