How To Draw A Cute Simple Chibi Girl

Artist: kbailey232 / May 1, 2013

Step 1.

For this tutorial you will need paper, a pencil with a eraser, a sharpener, and whatever you will use to color her in later.

Step 2.

Start by drawing a circle for the head.

Step 3.

Next draw the outline of her eyes nice and dark. Then draw the inside of her eyes.

Step 4.

then darken the inside of her eyes and draw the facial features i.e. her eyebrows, her smile, and her eyelashes.

Step 5.

Next draw the start of her hair, her bangs.

Step 6.

Next draw the body and her dress.

Step 7.

Next draw her accessories. Her shoes and her necklace.

Step 8.

Next draw the rest of her hair. Make sure to add the waves!

Step 9.

Erase all mistakes and extra lines. Get ready to color!

Step 10.

*YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THESE STEPS* What I like to do is trace everything with marker the color of what I want to make it.

Step 11.

Then I color the rest in with a colored pencil. This is how mine turned out. How about yours? Tell me in the comments!

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Artist: kbailey232
Date Added: May 1, 2013
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Description: just a fun tutorial on how to draw a simple, yet cute and stylish chibi girl. I hope you enjoy my tutorial! :)