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How to Draw a Chibi Character

Artist: Sandy_Candy / October 25, 2012
How to Draw a Chibi Character

Step 1.

Draw a round oval-shaped head and draw in the start of her hair.

Step 2.

Now draw in her funky outfit and at the bottom draw some frills.

Step 3.

Finish of her hair now.

Step 4.

Draw in her small arms and legs. Don't forget to add shoes!

Step 5.

Now add in her facial features.

Step 6.

Erase the line in her head or turn it into a headband of some sort. Do anything you'd like. After that you are ready to outline and colour in!

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Artist: Sandy_Candy
Date Added: October 25, 2012
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Tags: how to draw chibi, draw chibi
Description: This is a cute character but try not to get too excited!! This tut has been specially made for Dawn. She's a very nice person and has done HEAPS of tuts!! Around 5,000!! We should be appreciative of that!! Hope you like this Dawn! And everybody else who views! Enjoy the tut!