How to Draw Stephen King, Stephen King


Make a circle for the head and then draw in the facial guides.


Sketch out the lower structure of the face like so, and then when you get it right, you can move to step three.


Using the facial guidelines, begin sketching out the shapes of his eyes including the eyeballs and all. Next, sketch the eyebrows, and then add some lashes.


You will now draw in the iris, and then color in his pupils. Sketch in some more eyelashes and then add some facial detailing under the eyes and between the eyes.


You will now sketch out his nose which is has a lot of edges, and then draw in the nostril as well as his mouth. Sketch in the frown lines around the nostrils, mouth and be sure to sketch in his clef above the lip.


Now you will take the time to sketch out his hairstyle and notice how it is very simple, not a lot of detailing, and also notice how the hair is combed off to the right side. Sketch in the ear as well as inner detailing.


Draw the shape of his neck, and then sketch in the shoulders, shirt collar, and then add some detailing on his neck. Erase the mistakes that you made along the way and then you are ready to color in this creative artist.


The line art looks like the sketch you see here. Here is Stephen King in his drawn out form.

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September 13, 2017

Description: Last night I was thinking about some famous faces I could make tutorials out of. The two I chose are both fantastic writers but one is more epic than the first. Both of these writers have unique ways of speaking to the reader, and they both have, and had eccentric personalities. To start the day off with something cool, I will be first showing you "how to draw Stephen King", step by step. He is one of my favorite writers, but shame on me because I haven’t read enough of his novels as I should have. I like reading the book on something before it becomes a movie because you can pick up on the differences and improvises that screenwriters and directors made when they created the movie versions of great stories derived from fiction. One of my all-time favorite books from Mr. King is definitely The Shining, The Thing, Pet Cemetery, Carrie, Christine, Salem’s Lot, Misery, and so many more. I’m sure that many of you know that Steven King bases almost all his stories in the state of Maine and it’s mainly because he grew up in Maine. He went to Lisbon Falls High School, and he also graduated from Lisbon Falls. In 1966 Steven King attended University of Maine and in 1970 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. As of today he resides in Bangor, Maine, and he shares his life with his wife Tabitha, and he has three children who are also writers and their names are Naomi, Owen, and Joe. To date King has written forty nine novels, around nine short stories, and at least five non-fiction titles. He often makes cameo appearances in some of the books that where turned into movies like the Sleepwalkers where he is a cemetery caregiver. Anyways, I tried to make him as simple as possible to replicate, and I think I succeeded in this task. I hope you enjoy drawing Stephen King, because I had lots of fun drawing him out even if the coloring took me four hours. Thanks people and enjoy.

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