How to Draw an Iron Skull

Artist: Dawn / May 13, 2015

Step 1.

Let us start by drawing the actual structure for the skull's head and face shape. Notice the cheek bones are very prominent and defined.

Step 2.

Okay, now starting from the bottom of the skull's head or face, we will draw in the top part of the jaw along with the teeth. When that is done draw the nasal cavity and then the deep or strong shape of the skull's brow bones. Add detailing to the ey   

Step 3.

We will finish the shapes of the eyes by coloring in the sockets to make them look solid. Also, leave a small white area for the eyeballs. Add cracks down the skull for where the iron plates will be bolted on and then sketch in some surface detailing   

Step 4.

Begin to draw in the small bolts that line the left brow bone, right cheek bone, right brow bone and the entire right side of the skull.

Step 5.

Lastly, draw in the thick, deep cracks on the skull followed by the large, heavy duty bolts. Add detailing to the bolts and to the skull head. Erase whatever mistakes you might have made and you are all done.

Step 6.

Here is the line art. You can color in this Iron skull to the way you like.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 13, 2015
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Description: Hey guys, welcome back to another lesson where we will be tackling another skull concept. Up next I have for you a tut that will teach you how to draw an iron skull, step by step. This skull concept actually stems from the work that is being done on my truck. The bolts around the brows, skull and sticking out from the head really makes this skull concept stand out in a bold way. I know that there will be people who will tackle this tut and find some complications, but if you stick to your guns and be persistent I think you will find that you will end up with a cool skull drawing that you can show off to family and friends. Enjoy people and stick around for more fun.