How to Draw a Plush Bunny

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To draw a plush bunny you will need to start out by making a circle for the head like you see here. When that is done sketch in the facial guidelines.


Next, thicken the lining you just made in step one to shape out the head of the plush toy. Once that is done, draw the long droopy bunny ear which as you can see rests on the ground very loosely. Sketch in the wrinkles, creases or folds at the tip of   


Next, draw the front part of the plush bunny's body by drawing the legs and some of the chest. Notice how the legs are closing in towards each other.


Okay, you will now draw the back legs which are in a relaxed sitting pose much like Eeyore's body characteristics. Add stitching detail to the bottoms of the feet, and then make some toe stitch lines on both the front and back legs. Lightly sketch in   


You are almost done with your plush bunny. All you have to do here is draw the other long loose flopping ear, and be sure to add the detailing and fold lines at the ends of the ear like you see here. Next, lightly sketch in the seam lines that flow d   


Lastly, draw a seam line down the center of the plush bunny's face and then use the facial guideline to draw in the eyes, and nose. You will then add the mouth as well as the whiskers. Before you draw the stitch lines, you will have to clean up the    


When you are all done the drawing you just worked on should come out looking like the one you see here. It is now time to color it in to your liking.

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March 14, 2012

Description: There is so many stuffed animals out there, and there is also many types of styles, designs, and texture forms. Since Easter is coming real soon, I wanted to make a toy based figure that you are likely to see in Easter baskets across the globe, here is "how to draw a plush bunny", step by step. I wondered myself what the differences where between a plush, and a stuffed animal. The only difference that I can see is that plushie's are softer, have more free moving limbs because they are stuffed with a combination of polyester and small plastic beads. Stuffed animals on the other hand have a firmer texture or feel, and are mainly stuffed to the max with polyester filling. Because they are stuffed with filling, it makes the stuffed toy less bendable, and much more stable or stiff. I myself prefer plush style animals and figures because they can be displayed in a much more versatile manner and some even have more characteristics of a real life animal. I drew this bunny while I was live and I even colored it in. I changed a few things like the background, eye and nose color as well as the darkness of the lining. If you can to color in your plush bunny another shade, feel free to do so. When you are done drawing a plush bunny you will see that this is probably going to be one of the cutest bunnies you have drawn in a long while. You can even decorate this plush with some Easter traits if you like. That is about it, I shall return. Adios people and enjoy like always.

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