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How to Draw a Bunny Rabbit

Artist: Dawn / July 11, 2010
How to Draw a Bunny Rabbit

Step 1.

Start by drawing a circle for the bunny rabbit's head, and then add the facial guidelines. Next, draw the shape of the body which looks a bit like an egg. Lastly, draw two lines for the rabbit's ears like so.

Step 2.

Begin sketching out the shape of the bunny rabbit's face like you see here. The left side should look chubby, and filled with grass. Add a few pieces of rabbit fur chunks like so on the right side.

Step 3.

Draw the actual shapes of the rabbit's ears, and this is the most realistic looking part of the rabbit. Don't forget to add the detailing, and lining to make the ears look full, and floppy. Once that is done, thicken the lining for the body, and then   

Step 4.

For your last step, all you have to do is draw out the front legs, and toes, and then be sure to draw the rabbit's elbow. Next, draw the lining for the belly, and then the hind legs and big rabbit foot. Lastly, draw a puffy looking rabbit tail. Erase   

Step 5.

When all is said and done, your rabbit should look like the one you see here. Just color it in, and you have yourself a pretty nice looking bunny rabbit.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 11, 2010
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Description: That was such an epic drawing on the death reaper that I just submitted a moment ago wasn't it guys? Well, today I am going to upload another adorable looking forest critter that loves hopping around as it feeds on various foliage. Now, since the bunny I submitted a few days ago was obviously a big hit, I wanted to do another bunny version which is going to be called “how to draw a bunny rabbit", step by step. Rabbits have got to be one of the cutest animals that resides in the forest. This is going to be a simple tutorial to learn from because it is a cartoon type of drawing. It's nothing like the other bunny I drew which came out looking more like a cuddly stuffed animal version of a bunny, and this one that I am uploading now, is more realistic but cartoony at the same time. In general, this lesson should be easy enough for anybody to try out because I made sure to draw the steps as easy as possible. If there is another animal that you would to see a lesson on, just ask me and I shall deliver. Anyway, that's all I have to say for this description, have fun learning how to draw a bunny rabbit, and make sure you rate, comment, and upload your own artwork for all to see. I still have a lot more to submit for you all. Peace out people, and have a happy drawing day.