How to Draw an Easter Rabbit


To start of we draw a set of guidelines that include a circular head and the usual cross to help us position the face. then we draw a large egg shape for the body, and a circle for the leg, two zigzags for arms, and a lump on the left hand side for t   


We trace the circle giving it a cheek, back and flat top, leaving spaces for the ears and neck. Then proceed to doing two eyes, a nose, mouth and buck teeth :D


Draw the inside and outside of the ears in the space we left for them.


Start to draw the back of the body and stop to leave space for the foot. Then trace part of the circle to form the front of the hind leg


Then finish off the foot and leg to be able to draw the tummy, and continue to the next step


Now we can create a fluffy tail, and following the guidelines, draw both arms and small paws, and the other leg and foot.


Simply add highlights and pupils to your eyes.


Darken the lines you would like to keep, and erase the unwanted ones. Colour it in, and your done! What a cute little rabbit!

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April 7, 2012

Description: It's Easter day and I thought I should do a tutorial in celebration of this special day. Have fun learning to draw the Easter rabbit!

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