How to Draw a Wolf Dog, Wolf Dog Hybrid

Artist: makangeni / March 11, 2013

Step 1.

An exampe of domestic wolfdog is the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (in the image). Other dog breeds that are known as wolfdogs are German Shepherd, Saarloos Wolfdog, Lupo Italiano and others. Hybridization may occur also in the wild.

Step 2.

To draw a head of a wolfdog start with the guide lines: a circle, two triangles and a simple guide line for the muzzle. Wolfdogs tend to have larger and pointier ears than the ones of pure wolves.

Step 3.

Draw the furry outline of the head and the pointy ears.

Step 4.

Add the eyes and start drawing the muzzle, the mouth will be slightly open.

Step 5.

Add fur into the ears, nose (step 8) and chin.

Step 6.

Add fur, whiskers and other details and the wolfdog head is finished.

Step 7.

Here you have a couple of extra head shots, in case you want to try a different point of view. As before, start with the guide lines and use them to put the various parts in the right places.

Step 8.

The nose of the wolfdogs is the same as the nose of the other canines. It's characterised by an approximately round shape, two large nostrils and a line that crosses it in the center.

Step 9.

Wolfdog have a non retractible claw on each toe. Forepaws have five toes and hind paws have four or five toes. The fifth toe is called "dewclaw".

Step 10.

Now we'll draw a full body running wolfdog. Draw the guide lines.

Step 11.

Draw the outline of head, muzzle, ears, and the open mouth, draw also a lower tooth (canine) and the lower lip.

Step 12.

Add nose, eye and fur into the ears.

Step 13.

Add tongue and teeth into the mouth, long fur on the cheeck and furry neck.

Step 14.

Draw shoulders, forelegs, forepaws (step 9) and part of the chest.

Step 15.

Draw belly, back and tail. Remember that the parts on which the fur is longer are neck, belly and tail.

Step 16.

Draw the folded hind legs and the hind paws.

Step 17.

Add the last details and you're done!

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Artist: makangeni
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Description: A wolfdog is a hybrid resulting from the mating of a gray wolf and a dog. Its physical characteristics are not predictable and this tutorial is only an approximate guide, but I hope it will help. Enjoy!