How to Draw a Hummingbird and Flower


We will need to make four shapes, one for the head, two for the body, then one big sail shape for the hummingbird's wing.


Here you will sketch out the shape of the head, as well as the needle shaped beak. You will sketch out the neck, chest, and some feathery fluff.


Draw the wing, as well as the end feathers that made the fan shape of the wing. Move to step four.


Draw the rest of the body, then sketch in the hand shaped tail as well as the tail feathers.


Detail the wing by adding small defining wing feathers. Add the marking line for a stomach, then draw in the round eye, and beak line.


Sketch out the beautiful flower, then add the detailing to the blossom. Erase the mistakes, then you're done.


Now for the shading process. Color in the whole image of the hummingbird like so. This is a base coat or primer for your bird.


The next thing you will do is add some lighter areas throughout the hummingbird's body.


After you soften the lines and colored in mass, you should have a soft looking drawing like you see here.

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February 6, 2013

Description: Spring is right around the corner, but according to the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, we will suffer another two weeks of winter. Of course that's only if you're in the U.S. Today we will learn "how to draw a hummingbird and flower", step by step. One of the main reasons why I love spring is because that is when the beautiful mysterious hummingbirds arrive looking for the nectar you lay out for them in those cute red and yellow containers. This will be a fun lesson for all you bird lovers out there. I shall return in a bit with more tuts for you all. Peace out everyone and good luck.

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