How to Draw a Golden Retriever Puppy, Golden Retriever


I know you must be asking yourself, "why s there two shapes for this puppy"? The answer is simple, this is an older pup that you will be drawing, so because of this making more shapes is going to make the lesson easier to understand and follow. Havin   


Sketch out the shape of the dogs head and or face, and when you do this make sure that the lining is fluffed. Draw the jowls, and then move to step three.


Draw in the top line for the head like you see here and with the very same stroke, sketch out the long loose hanging ears. Be sure that the ends of the ears have points. This is to show the hairy tuft retrievers have for their coats. Lastly, sketch i   


Draw the large round eyes, and make the lines in each one for the eyeballs. Make a dash on the bridge of the nose, and then draw in the actual nose nostrils and all.


For the fifth step, all you have to do is begin sketching out the front portion of the dog. Do this by drawing out the leg and paw as well as the shoulder and some of the fuzz.


Here all you have to do is sketch out the back part of the body, and then draw in the hind leg. Sketch in some of the stomach too and be sure to add some of the long hair.


Draw out the back legs and back paws like so, and then draw in the arched shaped toes. Sketch in the puffy tail, and then start erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one. Next, move to step eight.


This is the finished drawing when you are all done. Color in your retriever to personalize your sketch, and that's it!

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August 28, 2011

Description: When I say that I have some cute and fun stuff for you today, I really mean it. Now, I would have thought of this idea for a tutorial if I wasn’t so loaded with work. I was asked if I could make a lesson on "how to draw a golden retriever puppy", step by step. Of course I jumped on this idea because how many folks and families that you know of have one of these dog breeds. It seems like everywhere I turn everybody has a golden retriever for a pet, and if not a retriever it’s a Labrador. Anyways, I made this concept of a GR puppy a little older than the previous versions. I know I probably should have drawn a younger stage, but I kind of wanted to switch up the drawing style a bit and since there is no way that a bulldog puppy can look any other way. I’m sure I will continue to get more and more requests for me to make other puppy drawing lessons, so until then have fun with this tutorial on one of the world’s most popular dog breeds, "how to draw a golden retriever puppy". I will be back in a bit so try and stay tuned in to see what else I have for you all. Peace out people and enjoy!

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