How to Draw a Bikini Girl

Artist: mariealessandra / February 24, 2012

Step 1.

Draw some simple outlines for the shape you want her to have.

Step 2.

Draw the bikini, and draw a little more of her legs.

Step 3.

Harden the lines a little, but not too hard. Draw the belly button, hip bones, a few extra detalis to the bikini and a few lines of detail wherever you need to make the shape look more realistic.

Step 4.

Use your pencil to lightly add lines at the darkest parts of the body (by this, I mean where you want there to be shadow).

Step 5.

Blend the shading.

Step 6.

Use an eraser to make the outlines of the body lighter. Define the belly button, breasts and hip bones a little extra. Darken the lines of the bikini.

Step 7.

Blend again.

Step 8.

Start filling the bikini with a darker shade.

Step 9.

Blend the bikini well and add more shading to the body if needed.

Step 10.

Use an eraser to make some light parts to the shoulder, boobs, thigh and hip. Then you're done!

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Artist: mariealessandra
Date Added: February 24, 2012
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Description: How to draw a girl in a bikini with pencil, step by step.