How To Draw Simple Anime Eyes

Artist: mariealessandra / April 20, 2012

Step 1.

Start by drawing a circle, try to make it as round as you can.

Step 2.

Draw a smaller circle inside the first circle you drew. This will be the iris.

Step 3.

Continue by drawing two lines, one from the top and one from the bottom of the eye, connect them to a V-shape (sort of) as illustrated with the pink in the picture.

Step 4.

Draw bold lines over and under the eye, these will be the eyelashes. Make sure you don't make them too big.

Step 5.

Draw a small circle in a "corner" of the iris.

Step 6.

Now draw another small circle, this circle is the pupil. Draw it in the middle of the iris, darken it completely.

Step 7.

Darken the eyelashes and make them a little bigger if needed.

Step 8.

Use an eraser to remove the guidelines that still show and darken the lines a little.

Step 9.

Draw a small line on top of the eye, this will be the eyelid. Then draw a few eyelashes that poke out from the bold lines we drew earlier. Don't draw too many eyelashes, that will make the eye look messy.

Step 10.

Color the iris and then you're done!

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Artist: mariealessandra
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Tags: draw eyes, how to draw anime eyes
Description: A very simple tutorial on how to draw anime eyes with pencil step by step.