How to Draw a Fantasy Girl, Fantasy Girl

Artist: Dawn / August 4, 2011

Step 1.

If you are about to tackle this lesson, you might want to do so in a patient manner. She is going to be drawn in a very active pose. Start with a head shape and then from there add the lining that will form the shoulders, arms, torso, and then the li   

Step 2.

This step is fairly simple because all you have to do is draw out the tops of the eyes like so and be sure to use a bold thick stroke, and then sketch out the structure of her face and add her mouth.

Step 3.

Another easy step as you only have to draw out the shapes of the eyes, finish drawing out the mouth, and then draw in the eyebrows and nose.

Step 4.

Okay, now the lesson becomes a bit tricky from here on out. As of right now the hairstyle looks to be short. Sketch out the puffy hair, and then have it part to the right. The hair should also hug the cheeks like so, and then make some jagged shapes    

Step 5.

I chose to give this fantasy girl some long pigtails because typically that is what most villagers look like. Begin this step by drawing out the bands on her hair, and then sketch out the long ends of her ponytails like so. Be sure to draw in the swi   

Step 6.

Now you will start working on the upper body. Sketch out the shape of her neck, and then draw in some of the left arm, and both shoulders. Next, draw in her chest, and then cover up her breasts with a strapless bikini style top that is decorated with   

Step 7.

Sketch in the design of her top which shows off some cleavage, and then add the dimples in each flower petal like so. Draw a line for her armpit, and then sketch in some more wrinkles on the fabric.

Step 8.

You will now begin drawing out the dragon head as well as the frills that makes up the top of the small dragon's head. Add an eye and then proceed on.

Step 9.

Continue to draw out the dragon's body by sketching out the back, small wings, and then the tail. Just because this dragon is small, that doesn't mean that there is less detailing.

Step 10.

You will still keep working on the dragon, and this time sketch in the tail, and then some more of the wings. Sketch in the skin based tissue detailing all over the wings and then move along to step eleven.

Step 11.

Sketch out the arm, and then draw in the dragons tail that is wrapping around the entire lower portion of her arm. You will be drawing out the hand in a later step, but for now just complete this task.

Step 12.

Like I said, you will be drawing out the hand in a later step and that step is now. Finish the left arm by sketching in the wrist and hand. The dragon is sitting on her hand like a hawk or eagle would do with their handler.

Step 13.

Let's begin sketching out the shape of her body and as you can see she is very petite and her waist is curvy. Sketch out her hips, and then draw in her skimpy cloth that covers her private area.

Step 14.

Sketch in her right arm and hand, and then move to step fifteen which is also the last drawing step.

Step 15.

Sketch in the leaves that line the bottom of her skirt, and then add some folds, creases, and wrinkles that add detailing and definition to her cloths. Before leaving this step, sketch out her thighs as well. Erase the guides and shapes that you drew   

Step 16.

This is it, you finally finished this drawing on a fantasy girl. Look how amazing she turned out. Now you can go crazy as you color in your drawing to your liking.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Hey guys! I'm totally stoked to present to you with another tutorial! In this fun new lesson, we'll be learning, “how to draw a fantasy girl”, step by step. This chick has matching colors and patterns as her soul creature, the fairy dragon. You don't understand how much fun I had creating this girl and the dragon, the coloring was the most adventurous part. If you'd like to get your inspiration juices flowing, be sure to checkout Pandora Radio, which includes tons of cool music, related to the band or song you insert as a channel. What else is cool is that you can add a variety of music to the channel by adding diverse types of songs or artists. I totally urge you to check it out since I've found out about SO much heart pumpin' music, to get those hands speedin' for art creation. So, this tutorial is pretty long, mainly because of the little dragon character and the clothes for the girl. I made sure I tried keeping the girl as simple as possible with the clothing and hair style. Before this change was made, I had long hair with two longer strands streaming from the sides of her ears. It was cool, but it was too complex. I'm planning on doing another anime/fantasy styled drawing, but on a gryphon rider. Well, I've gotta plunge outta here, I hope you'll have an epic time with this tut. Thank you SO much for viewing and don't forget to leave behind your thoughts on the tut!