How to Draw a Devil Girl, Devil Girl


In this first step you will be drawing out the girl's body frame and pose as well as her head shape. Begin with the head and then from there, draw in the lining that forms the shoulders, back, arm, and bum.


Begin this step by sketching out the structure of her face shape and then sketch in her V shaped parted hair line which is going to frame some of her face, and then sketch in her eyebrows.


Sketch in some light lines to add definition under her hair arch like so, and then begin the process of drawing out her pretty eyes, thick and bold eyelashes, and then sketch in her nose, mouth or lips, and then her nose and lip piercings. Take your    


Here is my favorite part. Finish drawing out her long, thick straight hair like so, and he sure to make the outlines of her hair thick, and bold. Once you get the hair sketched out, add in her small devil horns like so, and sketch in detailing and de   


The best way to start this step is to sketch in her shoulder, and then draw in the length of her arm. Next, sketch in her hand and notice how it's resting on her soon to be thigh. Lastly for this step, sketch in one breast bump like so.


The only thing you have to do here is sketch out the shape of her body. Start with her very upright and arched back, and then draw in her torso or belly all the way down to the hip line. Sketch in the detailing to her back and add those dimples on th   


Okay guys, you're already on the seventh step. What you have to do now is draw in her thigh, some of her butt, and then the entire devil tail. Once these parts of the body is all sketched in, you can draw the fingers on her hand to finish that off.


And finally folks, finish off your devil girl by sketch in the rest of her thigh or upper leg and then draw in her butt cheek, as well as her feet. Erase the mistakes and guides that you drew or made, and then you are ready to see what your line art    


Here it is, your finished drawing of a devil girl. I know you guys are gonna have fun with this tutorial because it is going to be a blast to color her in, and use her in your next character drawing.

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February 9, 2017

Description: I have thought about a name to give this girl that I drew live yesterday and even though I know what I want to call her, I’m finding it difficult to give up the ghost and name it a devil girl. Her hair, face, and body pose is so epic and I absolutely love how proportionate I made her body. She has got to be the best female body and face sketch I have done thus far. Oh wait, did I even tell you what this lesson is on? It’s going to be called, "how to draw a devil girl", step by step. She is sexy but sweet, hot but cold, and she is devilish, but also an angel too. The figure is going to be drawn in a side view profile but her face is fully viewable. One of the favorite things about this devil girl that I love is her long straight hair, and how I drew it falling off her shoulder. Some of her length is on her shoulder still, but the majority of her locks are hanging over her back. I had a lot of fun drawing her out while I was Live with all of you, and hopefully you all love learning "how to draw a devil girl" of your own. I will be back rather swiftly because I have more drawing fun coming your way. Peace out people and be sure not to spend too much time in her dwellings.

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