How to Draw a Baseball Bat

Artist: Dawn / February 21, 2011

Step 1.

Draw a side line from one corner to the other, or as long as you want to draw your bat.

Step 2.

Now you will draw out the entire shape of the bat like you see here, and remember when I said I was going to tell you what the parts where to the bat, here it is; the thickest part of the bat is called the barrel, this is the part of the bat that the   

Step 3.

Before moving to the next step, all you have to do is sketch in the wood grain and then you can move to the next step if there is no guidelines to erase.

Step 4.

Here is the bat when you are all done. Now you can color it in, or draw it in the hands of a player. I hope you had fun guys.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 21, 2011
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Description: It's sports season once again, and to get things rolling I am going to teach you guys "how to draw a baseball bat", step by step. I know that drawing a bat is a no brainer, but I figured since I had a lesson on a baseball, and a baseball player, the only thing that was missing is the players baseball bat. As you all know the baseball bat is a wooden and even sometimes metal club that is used to strike the ball that a pitcher throws to the batter at the home plate. The thickest part of your typical major league bat is about 2.75 inches in diameter, with the length of the bat around three feet, six inches long. As for weight, this can vary but usually a bat weighs two pounds, one once. There is many aspects to a bat that you wouldn't think is so complex, but the truth is making a baseball bat takes precision, and they need to be made carefully so they have a balance to them. Even though these solid wooden bats may look dense and sturdy, players of the game sometimes break the bat over their knee when they are in a conflicted state. I will explain the parts of the bat with the tutorial steps so you know that there is a few different parts to a bat that makes a whole construction. Anyways, have fun teaching yourself "how to draw a baseball bat", and now that I have a bat tutorial you can now use all three tutorials on the player, the ball, and now the bat. Have fun guys, and remember to request your ideas for tutorials too. Adios peeps, and "batter up!"