How To Draw A Cute Bat

Artist: Dokoshi / November 14, 2009

Step 1.

First, lets start with the main guide lines for his head, snout, eye, and wing.

Step 2.

Draw the main shapes for his ears, adding a little detail to his left (I think) one. Finish up the snout, adding a nose and mouth, along with a guide line on top of his head to show where his hair will go. Make sure his chest fur is cute and fluffy.

Step 3.

Give his eyes a pupil, and a little tooth in his mouth. Now we start on his wing. Add a thumb finger and thicken the bones a little. Now, connect them to form a wing shape. Make sure his shoulder and arm is defined a little, along with the back flap    

Step 4.

Almost done, erase the guide lines and color in his eye a little.

Step 5.

Finally the last step. Color him in, whether black, brown, or even purple if you'd like. The way I shade is color it in dark to light, then lightly sweep the eraser around to give it a kind of "smudged" look. You're all done after that and now you ha   

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Artist: Dokoshi
Date Added: November 14, 2009
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Description: Hi everyone! Hopefully, this will be my first accepted tut. I was looking around the site for some bat tutorials, but there weren't many, so... Why not just draw one? Personally, I think bats are cute and innocent, much different from their usual rep of being bloodthirsty creatures of the night. Most people actually think of vampires when they hear the word "bat" right? Hmm... I wonder how they're related... Anyway, thanks for clicking, and enjoy drawing this cute little guy. {Big thanks goes to Dawn on the "How To Draw Wings" guide that helped me do this. Thanks a ton! :D }