How to Draw a Baby Koala, Baby Koala

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Begin by drawing a head shape and then sketch in the facial guidelines like so. You will then draw the outline of the body guide before leaving step one.


You will now draw out the actual shape of the koala's head and face structure like so, and when you do this make sure that the ears are drawn with fluffy edges.


You will now use the facial guides to draw in the small round eyes, and then color them in as well. When that is done draw the oblong shaped nose, and then draw in the mouth smile as well as the nostrils, inner ear detailing, and sketch in some detai   


Begin the process of drawing out the back part of the baby koala's body which is an arched back, and then you will need to draw in the back leg as well as the two toed foot.


Here is your last step guys, as you can see all you have to do is draw in the arms, hands, the other leg and foot, and then sketch in some fur definition around the side of the body. Clean up the drawing and if you want, you can draw a bamboo stem or   


Here is your baby koala when you are all done. Color in your bear and that is the end of this tutorial.

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January 20, 2012

Description: I think I’m going to chill with the baby animals after this lesson on "how to draw a baby koala", step by step. Don’t get me wrong baby animals are great fun to draw; it’s just that they get boring after a while when you make them all the time. So instead I will be submitting some other cool stuff that I think will come in helpful for some of you that are in school studying about fossils and such. I tried drawing this baby koala to look like they actually do in baby form, but the end results turned out looking like a cartoon version of these tree dwelling animals. Nonetheless, it is still going to be a super fun animal to replicate because koala bears are just an interesting species to learn about whether you’re drawing them, or writing out an essay. I for one never had to go above and beyond in school when it came to animals because we never learned about these species in any type of class. Anyways, I hope you will enjoy drawing a baby koala; I have to get out of here so I can upload the rest of my tutorials for this new drawing day. Have fun people and don’t forget to let me know what you think. Peace!

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