How to Draw a Baby Kangaroo, Baby Kangaroo

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Make two circles for the baby's head and body. Sketch in one face guide and move along.


Using the shape that you drew in step one, begin sketching out the shape of the head structure as well as the snout or muzzle. Next, draw large ears and then add some detailing like so.


Here you will sketch in the ear tissue for the detailing of the ears like you see here, and then use the one face guide to draw out the wide almond shaped eyes, and color them in solid leaving a white dot behind. Sketch in the nose and move to step f   


Begin sketching out the back of the joey, and when you do this make sure that the lining conveys a fluffy effect. Draw the large hind leg and long foot.


You are almost done with the baby kangaroo so please be patient. You will now need to sketch in some fuzz for the chest, and then draw the short, stubby arms as well as the hands which are in a curled pose. Sketch in some detailing and then move alon   


Finish drawing the hind leg and extremely long foot. As you can see kangaroos only have three toes on their hind feet, but nonetheless, they are still amazing jumpers. Draw in the thick hearty looking tail, and begin cleaning up the drawing.


Here is the line art for your baby kangaroo when you are all done. Color it in and that's it you are all done.

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January 21, 2012

Description: I think I’m going to chill on doing more baby animals so this will be my last one. So today, I will show you my take on "how to draw a baby kangaroo", step by step. Baby or young kangaroos are called joeys, and they are remarkable animals when they are in their newborn or fetal state. When a joey is born, it makes an extraordinary journey up to the mothers pouch called the marsupium. When the newborn comes out of the mother womb, it travels up the body until it finds and reaches the teat. The baby kangaroo is about the size of a seven week old human embryo which is about the size of a lima bean. When it begins its long hard journey, it will stay attached to the mother’s teat until it is about nine months old. When it starts emerging from the pouch it will feed off the mother until the joey is about eighteen months old. The whole process is truly amazing and because I enjoy learning about baby kangaroos, I had fun making this tutorial, and I think you will too. Well, I think that is going to do it for today. I shall return with more drawing fun so stay tuned in or come back and join me again tomorrow. Peace out people and enjoy!

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