How to Draw a Baby Halloween Cat


Go ahead and make two circles for the head and body of you halloween cat.


Using the head guide you just drew, go ahead and draw out the shape of the halloween pumpkin that this kitty is wearing to cover it's head.


Now you can draw in the carved out holes that the cat ears will be sticking out from. Draw the pointed ears and then add some color to make the hole look hollowed out.


Simply draw the pumpkin stem and then the curly vines that lay on each side of the top.


Here you will draw out the carved eye holes like you see here. Don't make them perfectly circular in shape.


Now draw in the cat's eyeballs. When you do this, draw them so they look hidden.


Now a simple zig zag line for the mouth and a small kitty nose.


We will work on the cat's body starting with the chunky style chest and then the two front legs and paws.


Draw the back part of the halloween cat and then the back paw.


Here you will draw a thick, puffy tail that curls over and under.


Lastly, color in the hollows of the eyes that you drew the cut outs for. Erase any mistakes you might have made as well as any visible guidelines.


There you have it, an adorable halloween cat wearing a pumpkin head.

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October 8, 2021

Description: So this is a super cute lesson that will show you how to draw a baby Halloween cat, step by step. This cat is hiding it's face wearing a pumpkin for a mask. I so love how this drawing came out and I do believe that many, if not most of you will too. Drawing a baby cat for Halloween can come in many forms. I wanted to create something different that would be both fun to recreate and even more exciting to color in. Anyways, have a ghoulish time with this lesson. I will be back with another in a few.

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