How to Draw a Simple Goth Couple


Start off by drawing two stick figures. One for a male and another for a female.


To the left you have the female, and to the right you have the male. All you have to do is draw the back of their heads in the form of their hairstyles. She has a thick long, straight look and he has a long shaggy look.


Add the curls to create texture to the hair.


Now you can work on the bodies starting with the arms and hands. Notice they are holding hands as well.


Continue to work on their bodies by drawing the skirt for the goth girl and the rest of the shirt for the goth boy. Add the stripes to his shirt and the gloves to her arms. Also draw the back design to her dress.


Draw in both their legs and shoes.


Here you can either draw a large circle for the cave or portal opening, or you can draw the rise of a sun, or the fall of sun. Add a tree to the right as well or a single rose bush.


If you chose to create a portal or cave, color in the sides to make them seem like they are in a closed space before venturing out to another part of their life.


The line art looks like the drawing you see here. All you have to do is add color.

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October 8, 2021

Description: Hey guys. Welcome back and welcome to this lesson that was requested by one of my favorite artists here on Dragoart and even though it was requested by one, I know many will enjoy the tutorial. So, up next I will show you how to draw a simple goth couple, step by step. I actually had a lot of fun with making this lesson. I am very happy with the way it came out and I know most of you are going to like it too (hopefully). Anyways, as you can see this loving Gothic couple have a scenery of walking through a portal hole or something of that nature. In the end drawing a simple Gothic couple will be fun and exciting so I hope you enjoy.

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