how to draw a frame and picture


first make a border it dosent have 2b neat but its better if its a thick line and btwtheese are not the coulers u need they are just nice coulers


then fill it i would recomend black beacause it gose with most coulers u dont need 2 fill it but it makes it look alot better


next smudge it with the smuge tool this giives it a nice look and it is very good 4 most pics


next add a nother couler and do the same that makes it look even better


next fill the black with white and before u say that wasa waste its not he blck lines roundthe outside make it look burnt and alot better


next dubble click on the blue layer thisbit is a must if u whant ur pic in


then this will come up just click ok


nextget the pic u whant 2 go inside


click ctrl a on pc or command a on mac(i mightb wrong on mac i donthave1 so thats y) then copy it and ninamise itjust incase u make a mestake


then paste it and make shoreu clickpaste into cose that will make it go in to it if its 2 big or 2 small then click ctrl t on pc or command t on mac thenresize it 2 the right size


then at last uv done as u can see it not a amazinpicture 4 the frameing but its still awsome

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April 6, 2012

Description: a frame and picture tut/tip hopeu like it

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