How To Color Hair With Colored Pencils

Artist: lovelyfantasy / November 30, 2012

Step 1.

Start by outlining the hairstyle. You may copy this one or make another one that you like. Using a reference photo is always useful. It´s important not to go into detail in this step.

Step 2.

After completing the outline of the hair we´ll start adding some detail lines.

Step 3.

These lines build up the hairstyle and give it movement.It´s important to draw them in a loose manner and in the direction in that you want her locks to be (that´s why using a reference photo is helpful). Dont draw all of them in the same direction   

Step 4.

Now that the detailing is finished, trace your pencil lines with an ink pen. Try to follow them as best as you can, but don´t stress too much over it. The flow of the hair is what´s important.After inking it erase over it to get rid of any pencil l   

Step 5.

You may choose whichever color you like. I´m going to use blue. Select three diferent shades of the color. One darker than the other.

Step 6.

Using the lightest shade of color, fill in all of the hair. Color lightly and follow the shape of the hair.

Step 7.

Now use the mid shade. The light shade will now stand for the highlights in the hair. As you color with the mid shade make sure you leave the sections of the highlights in the light shade.To place them you need to decide where the light is coming fro   

Step 8.

Use the darkest shade to create shadow in the hair. The most common places for shadow in hair are. 1. At the beggining of the roots. 2.In the area near the face 3.And in the strands of hair at the bottom and back. Once you do decide where to place i   

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Artist: lovelyfantasy
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Description: You will need some color pencils,a regular pencil, a sketching pen and an eraser. I´m sorry if the pencil images aren´t as visible.