How to Draw Hair, Draw Female Manga Hair

How to Draw Hair, Draw Female Manga Hair
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So here's a few generic hairstyles for a girl. Long and straight, ringlets, a spiky ponytail, and short and spiky. These are just a few of my favorite styles, you can use them too if you like.


So now we're going to start on our model. I gave her a face so that if you haven't seen any faces tuts or aren't good then you can practice. But you don't have to if you don't want to. So anyways, sketch out a circle for her head and fill in the jaw    


Now finish her features. Give her big eyes and a shy smile. Now we're free to work on her hair.


Hair has volume, so be sure not to sketch it directly atop the head. Draw in the strands floating about her and the hair shine, which gives it a healthy and youthful look.


Shade the top of her hair and erase any guidelines and mistakes. Model numero uno is finished.


Go ahead and draw the head of our second model, who's looking up. Do the guidelines, etc, so we can get to the features easily.


Finish model 2's face and sketch in her bangs. She has a pair of clips pulling her hair out of her face.


Model 2 has a more complex hairstyle than model 1. So go ahead and sketch some guidelines and beginning hair strands. We'll fill in the rest soon.


Finish her hair and add the hair shine. I didn't shade her hair, as I imagined her as blonde but you can if it pleases you.


Now erase guidelines and mistakes and your second model is done. That concludes my newest tut, hope you enjoyed!

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June 18, 2014

So I was wondering what my next tut should be and my mum said that she liked the hair on my manga faces tut. So I decided that I would do a tut on manga hair for females. 'Cause I suck at male hair, lol. Anyways, I included two models and four examples so I hope you enjoy! Salut and I'm outta here!

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