Draw Hair for Anime People


We will start with some tips first. This first tip shows you how strokes should be drawn when making hair on your anime person. The top strokes should be dark and the bottom strokes should be light. You can see by the sample here.


When drawing the head for your anime person you have to determine which view the head is seen at.


The back of the neck is a very important factor when drawing hair too. The strokes should rest on the back of the neck especially when drawing short hair say for an anime boy.


Notice when you begin drawing the short hair the flow is in different patterns. The back part of the head has hair resting on the back of the neck.


In the center there should be parts or parted hair. The back of the neck area should have hair in a downward stroke.


When drawing bangs start the brush or pencil stroke upward, then come down. Anime bangs are usually done in points.


Here is a better look at hair being drawn in a parted short style.


For females it is still the same. The parts should be made, and the strokes for the hair line should be drawn downward.


When drawing anime hair in a bun or ponytail, be sure to include small hair layers as shown to you here.


Add shading to areas that are not highlighted in light with a darker stroke.


Here is a view of some different anime hairstyle. You can see the variety is all drawn differently, but tackled in the same effect.


Let's get started shall we. Start with the guide shape for the anime person's face and then draw the guideline for the neck.


You will now define the shape of the face on a profile type style as you see here. the nose, mouth and chin are all drawn clearly here.


We will now draw the eyebrow and then draw the eye. The lid should be defined as well as the long lashes.


Using what you learned in this lesson, start drawing the long, straight style for your anime girl. Start at the crown of the head and draw in the hairline.


Add strand detailing for her hairstyle like so, and also make a couple layers or thick strands on their own.


Lastly, draw the shape of her neck and then draw the shoulder and some of the back line. Erase your mistakes and guides, then you're done.


The line art should come out looking like the drawing you see here. Now all you have to do is color in the work.

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May 28, 2017

Description: Hello everyone. Welcome back to another awesome lesson here on Dragoart. Today I will be showing everyone how to draw hair for anime characters or people step by step. This lesson is loaded with helpful tips and tricks that will enable you to draw anime hair the way you've always wanted. I know that some of you have been wanting another lesson on drawing anime hair that included tips so I went ahead and made this one for you all. I do hope that you find this lesson helpful, it was a long tutorial to create so have fun and enjoy. I shall be back so don't go anywhere.

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