How to Color Anime Eyes Digitally


So, to start ourselves off with coloring anime eyes, you must always lay down a foundation base color that is basically a darker version of the highlight colors you will be layering onto the shadows. I always create a new layer, and lock it so I cann   


I'd like you to get familiar with the 'Layer Lock' feature, which prevents you from coloring 'outside the lines'. Understand, when you make a new layer, and you color or draw on it, that you have the ability to 'Lock' the transparency of the layer, a   


Now that I have my base color for the eyes planted, I go and select a more saturated and lighter brown to accent the darkness of the lines. This little fuzz just adds the blueprint for where the highlights will be places, to sort of add a 'pop' effec   


Then, creating a new layer (which I call 'PupilColor'), I select a darker color than my previous base, and draw two pupils that inset the eye.


Before we enter the highlighting process, here are a few examples to remember to create a contrasting and bright look to your anime eyes. When I select colors for the eyes, I chose colors that contrast with one another, though remaining complimentary   


Next, the first step to highlighting, I go ahead and take an even more saturated and lighter color than the previous base, slowly working up the complimentary color wheel with each highlight stroke. I lay this color lightly around the pupil, leaving    


Then, taking a slightly yellower brown, I add a small bit of highlight within the first layer of highlight. Do not add too much, you want to be able to see the previous layer of highlight.


Then, I lock my 'PupilColors' layer and start adding slight depth to the pupil to add an extra pop to the entire eye.


Lastly, I create a new layer on top of everything else and add a few white shimmer highlights to the darkest parts of the eye. You want to add these whites to the dark spots so they contrast real well. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this lesson! I had   

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November 25, 2013

Description: Hey guys! After a long awaited tutorial, I've decided to submit this digital tut on 'how to color anime eyes'. So many Dragoarters have requested this tutorial numerous times, and so, I present to you, a simple and easily understandable way, on coloring anime eyes easy. Let me know which anime tutorial I should produce next!

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