Harry Potter Chibi- Harry

Artist: Geocomm / June 13, 2014

Step 1.

As you usually would, draw a circle to shape the head, and the cross, to show the direction it's facing. This one is a 3/4 view.I also added to additional lines to help place the eyes, later on.

Step 2.

Draw the curve (cheek) of the face, and guidelines for the body, that show Harry's pose and where he holds his broomstick. Feel free to try and change his pose if you don't feel like following what I do exactly.

Step 3.

Give him big round eyes and outline his glasses. Chibis aren't very detailed so just add a little lopsided triangle of shading for his nose and a small mouth.

Step 4.

Outline his hair. You can switch things around a bit, but remember in the books, his hair was describes as very messy. Also keep his hair simple, like I said before Chibis aren't very detailed and are meant to be simple to draw, so try keeping it in    

Step 5.

Now draw his neck (make it short), and the sleeves of his uniform by following the guidelines you've already drawn. The cuffs should hang low and there should only be a few wrinkles where his arm is bent. Then draw the collar and hood of his uniform.   

Step 6.

Draw the rest of his cloak billowing out a bit (this make the drawing more interesting). There isn't much else to do at this step... so yeah...

Step 7.

First, erase the unnecessary guidelines in the arms and neck. Then, draw the legs, following the guideline you've already drawn. There should be a crease or two at the top of each leg and one at the knees, and it should wrinkle all around the ankle.    

Step 8.

Erase the guidelines in the legs.Draw his broomstick, pupils and highlights, and scar. Add a stripe around the neck of his sweater and at the bottom of it (this actually was done in the last step, I just forgot to mention it). Also add wisps of hair   

Step 9.

This is where to detail and perfect your drawing. Touch up anything that you think needs touching up. For example I: Fixed the hair shape Figured out where the shading would go Erased any unnecessary lines and guidelines that made it look messy    

Step 10.

Grab a fineliner and go over all the parts you'd like to keep with a pen. Erase all the pencil marks left when you're done.

Step 11.

Color it however you'd like, just don't forget to shade it! If you decide to shake things up and switch the clothes, pose or style of this tutorial that's great just remember to add these Key features of Harry's: Green eyes Lighting bolt scar B   

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Artist: Geocomm
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Description: How to draw Harry James Potter, Chibi style! (Easy) Had loads of fun making this tutorial, hope everyone enjoys it cause it's the first I've made :) Hope you have fun with this How to make a Harry Potter Chibi- Harry tutorial, if you have a request for a tutorial leave it in the comments, and if you complete this tutorial and post it on dragoart, be sure to show me how it turned out!