How to Draw The Golden Snitch

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Start off by drawing a circle like so.


Here you will begin drawing out the Snitch's wings which look more like blades. Draw the brackets on the shape of the Snitch ball like so.


Now you can begin sketching in the detailing to show the hand crafted work of the Snitch's surface texture.


Add some subtle or light colored dashes for more texture detailing.


Before drawing in the last of the detailing you will need to erase your mistakes. Sketch in the horizontal lines on each feather, then you can move to step six to see how it should turn out.


That's it you are all done. Now you can color in this Golden Snitch and show folks or other Harry Potter fans what you just drew.

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July 31, 2013

Description: This is a tutorial that is going to be on a thing from the Harry Potter book series. I wouldn't have made this lesson if it wasn't for so many requests that came through. Today we will be learning "how to draw a Golden Snitch", step by step. The Golden Snitch is ball with wings that flies through the air faster than fast as it waits to be caught by a contender. The contenders are school kids that attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who play the sport of Quidditch. The whole goal is for a player to capture the Snitch as the chase it around a field along with other magicians in training as they fly on their brooms. I do hope that you guys have fun drawing a Golden Snitch, and if you are waiting for more lessons be sure to stay tuned in.

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