Drawing Chibi Levi

Artist: Geocomm / November 29, 2014

Step 1.

Draw a large circle for the head. Simple enough, right?

Step 2.

Draw the curve of the jaw and the cheek. Then draw a small almost oval ear. Along the inner curve of the cheek, draw guidelines for the eyes, and a line that follows the shape of the head in the middle.

Step 3.

Draw the shape of the eyes. They should be shaped like open semi-circles, or a quarter circle? Remember to make them slanted, for the glare.Fit them in the guidelines you drew earlier. The closer one should be just slightly bigger than the other.    

Step 4.

Now for the eyebrows and pupils! Levi wouldn't be complete without his signature eyebrow furrow! Start the left eyebrow just above the top eye guideline, and let it dip down so it's just barely touching the eye, before slanting it up again. It sh   

Step 5.

Draw the direction of his hair. The part should start just above the circle, The left side of his hair will curve around his head, stopping just above his ear. The right side will slant upwards and follow the head, farther away than the left side t   

Step 6.

Now you can finish drawing the hair! Draw a few locks, following the direction you drew earlier!

Step 7.

Now we can get started with the body. First draw the shoulders. The right shoulder should be a bit smaller than the left, because its further away: Perspective. Draw the arms bent, it way look a bit stupid now, but we'll give him his swords later   

Step 8.

Draw his body. A straight line should connect just behind the the top arm to his wrist on the left side. The right side should go straight for a little bit then curve along his chest and go srtaight again.

Step 9.

The left leg should be straight, and draw the right a bit bent. Add his tiny chibi feet at the bottom.

Step 10.

Next draw the top half of his uniform. There's the jacket, with two breast pockets, and emblem on his shoulders, a strap that goes around the chest, on top of the shirt. A belt around his waist, and the weird cloth thing they wear on top of their p   

Step 11.

Because even Humanity's Strongest can't go Titan hunting without pants on, draw them on, along with his boots, three straps on each leg, and 3D Maneuver Gear. Also don't forget to draw the wire that connects the swords to the Gear.

Step 12.

Trace over everything with a good fine liner. Highlight the paces you want people to look at first. Remember not to go crazy with the creases, because chibis are supposed to be simple-looking.

Step 13.

Colour everything! (Except the eyes, I forgot about them). You should start with the skin, then hair, and then clothes and accessories. Remember to leave highlights on the hair.

Step 14.

Last step! Draw Levi's dark gray eyes and use a white gel pen to add highlights on the boots, shoulders, sword and 3D Maneuver gear. Also draw two little circles for the highlights on the eyes. The highlights aren't all that important if you don't   

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Artist: Geocomm
Date Added: November 29, 2014
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Tags: how to draw attack on titan characters
Description: How to draw our favorite grumpy Heichou as a chibi! Starring Hunamity's Strongest Soldier, Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan!