Drawing Hello Kitty, Step by Step


To start, just draw a head shape and then sketch in the facial guidelines. You will also draw an X too below the shape.


Up next, go ahead and draw in Hello Kitty's left ear and some of her head shape. When that is done you can proceed to step three.


Like the title says, you will now draw in Hello Kitty's right ear, the shape of her face and then her adorable signature bow.


You will now work on getting her peace fingers drawn out. This is a simple step, so don't rush it.


You will now draw in Hello Kitty's face. Start with the left eye which is in a wink pose, and then draw her right eye which is normal. When that is done draw the whiskers and nose.


You can now draw in the ear buds which are in her ears followed by the wire that will end in the musical device she has them plugged into.


That's it. Draw her music device that has her songs stored on, and you are all done. Erase the guides and mistakes if you made any as well.


Here is how she looks when you are done. Go ahead and color her in and add an exciting but cute background. I hope you had fun folks.

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October 6, 2020

Description: Hey one and all. Welcome back to another fun filled lesson and this time we will be learning how to draw Hello Kitty, step by step. She is one of those iconic pop culture faces that seems to make an appearance wherever you turn. I have always loved Hello Kitty and I know there are tons of people who are like me and love all kinds of merchandise that has her face on it. With this tutorial, I thought I would draw her wearing some ipod style headphones listening to tunes and giving us the peace fingers I do hope you enjoy this tut, I will be back soon with other lessons for you all.

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