Pochacco, How to Draw


Go ahead and draw the guidelines and shapes.


Next, draw the shapes of each head and then draw and color in the ears. Don't forget to erase the marks on the ears for the speckles.


Go ahead and color in the eyes, nose and tufts of hair on the head.


You will draw in Pochacco's cheeks and then one of the arms. Also, draw the marks on the side.


Draw in the other arm and paw as well as the outline for the leg.


Finish off the drawing by giving Pochacco his shirt line, legs, and tail. Erase the mistakes when you are done.


This is the line art when you are finished. Color him in and show off your art.

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AMAZING job on Pochacco keep up the great work.

Thank you. Is there anything you would like to see that isn't here on Drago already?



January 27, 2024

Description: Hey there. This is my last lesson for the day and it's on how to draw Pochacco, step by step. He is also part of Hello Kitty and Friends which also means this adorable pup is another Sanrio creation. I hope you like it. It's wicked easy to follow and draw so go ahead and have some fun.

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