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Here are three examples of anime mouths. Two of them are drawn the right way and the last one is drawn the wrong way. These are of course profile views of mouths.


When drawing the curves of the mouth or lips be sure they have contouring lines and not angled lines.


Here are four different lip styles. As you can see they will all do fine when drawing anime mouths.


Let's get started with tut shall we? Start with the guide for the head and then sketch in the facial guidelines.


We will now draw the actual shape and structure of the face like so. You will then draw the hairline and ear shape.


We will now draw in the face. Start with the eyebrows and then draw in the nose, mouth and detailing inside the ear. Once that is done add definition around the mouth and maybe a beauty mark.


Use the facial guides to draw in the big wide eyes. The lashes should be long and thick and there should also be the lid crease too.


Finish up the eyes by drawing in the actual eyeballs, then you are done here.


Begin drawing the hairstyle. It's combed off to the side and it is also flowing. Draw in her neck and then the shoulders and collar bones.


Add definition to the hairstyle and when you are done you can begin to erase the mistakes and all the guides.


This is the line art folks. Add some color to your anime model.

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August 2, 2016

It's time to go ahead and make another anime related lesson and this time it will be on mouths, anime style that is. I really have been getting into this whole anime concept thing. I know I have done many, many lessons on anime people and anatomy in the past, but like I've said before, there is no better way to show someone how to draw anime people then to do it right and with tips. I worked long and hard on this lesson so you aspiring artists out there can learn how to draw anime mouths, step by step. I shall be back so don't go anywhere.

#how to draw mouths
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