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Draw Female Gir Human

Artist: BridesMaidGurl / March 25, 2012
Draw Female Gir Human

Step 1.

First you are going to make a circle for the the head.You may add facial guide lines but you dont need them for this tut...

Step 2.

Now you will draw the bangs and the eyes.You can put the bangs to whatever side you wish.

Step 3.

Now you will draw the body.It is like a boxy triangle.Add the zipper.

Step 4.

Now fill in the hair.Give it layers.When your coloring make the base black and add green streaks like the picture at the top.

Step 5.

Now you add the tiny cube legs and her ears.And there you have it!You have mad a Female Gir in Human form.Yay!

Step 6.

There's your finished product!I hope you enjoyed my first tut!

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Artist: BridesMaidGurl
Date Added: March 25, 2012
Steps: 6
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Tags: draw chibis, how to draw invader zim characters
Description: This is my first tut.So today I will be showing you how to draw Gir as a Female Human.So please give feedback,I will take request also.