How to Draw Chibi Skrillex, Skrillex, Sonny Moore

Artist: Dawn / November 5, 2011

Step 1.

First, let's start with the basic guidelines for the chibi body basics. You'll want to draw these so we can place the body parts and facials correctly to get the perfect effect. Take your time with the lines, and draw them on lightly.

Step 2.

Then, let's start shaping up the face shape for Skrillex. This step is very important as it's a foundation base to build up the rest of the body. Draw with soft curves and angles for his face.

Step 3.

Shifting our attention to drawing the glasses, make sure you sketch the outline of them first before you draw the eyes. Connect both the lenses with the center piece. Make sure you review your lines and placement for a great outcome.

Step 4.

Then, let's finish his facials like the rest of his eyes and brows, plus the mouth and snake bite piercings. Yeah, this is totally Corey Feldman's little bro.

Step 5.

Next, let's sketch the hair and the defining lines to create a nice weighed line look. Make the outside lines thicker than the inside - detailing lines.

Step 6.

Let's start working on his body next! Sketch the left arm with the cig first, then work your way to the right. The left arm holds the cigarette and the rocker gesture is to the right!

Step 7.

To finish the upper body, sketch the right hair piece that reveals his baldness, then the details in the clothing. Make sure you draw the inner details lighter in line weight.

Step 8.

Now, let's work our way to the legs, almost completing the chibi of Sonny. Work from the left leg and on. Once the outer lines are done for the legs, repeat the process for the details.

Step 9.

Lastly, sketch the shoes! I gave him typical checkered Converse; in which I'm guessing he wears.

Step 10.

Proof your work, review your lines, and you should be ready to ink. If you haven't done line weight with pencil, trace over your drawing with a black pen/ink with line weight similar to this. I hope ya'll had fun with this Skrillex chibi tut. Rock on   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 5, 2011
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Description: Ok guys, I'm back here with another epic lesson. In this new addition to the chibi section, one of the most popular musicians in history, bada$$ dubstep beats; we will be learning “how to draw chibi Sonny Moore, step by step”, or also known as “Skrillex”. It only took me two days to listen to Skrillex until I became obsessed with the most massive, raw, and epic drops I have ever heard. He is definitely worth a listen because his music can thrash through your bloodvessels, making them pop like a volcano. Seriously, they're that high pumped. Most of the beats have robotic sounds simiarl to Transformers. It's what I think makes his music so unique. I drew this chibi lesson live and had so much fun drawing the cool familiar shapes. The coloring was a fun experience because of all the black and red. Sonny usually during his live preformaces, encourages the crowd by making arm/hand gestures. I used one of the hand gestures he used in one of his live videos. Also, during interviews, he smokes quite a lot therefore I added the cigarette. Personally, I think he looks like an identical twin to Corey Feldman from Lost Boys; maybe it's his son or something...*drama :O* Anyways, I hope all you Skrillex fans will enjoy this tutorial, I had so much fun creating it. Peace out and happy rockin out to SKRILLEX!