How to Draw Chibi Dr Who

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Draw a large head shape like so, and then sketch in the facial guidelines, and then draw the small rectangle for the body.


Draw out the actual shape of face and head and then draw in his stylish hairdo. Add some separated chunks of bang like so, and incorporate the ear shape.


Draw the big eyeglasses like so, and then draw in the eyeballs as well as the shapes of his eyes. Make the eyebrows, and then draw in the hair strand lines, and then detail the inside of the ear. Make a dot for the mouth and that's it.


Draw the torso shape and then draw in his sleeves and or arms, as well as the hands. Draw the device he is holding in his hand, and then make the bottom of the jacket in a V shape style.


You will now detail his jacket to turn it into a pinstriped jacket, and then draw the cuffs, buttons, and neck tie.


Now lastly, draw the legs and or pants as well as the shoes. Draw in the pinstripes for the pants as well and you are all done. Just clean up the mistakes and move along.


You are done. Here is the line art now you can color him in. Great work everyone!

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January 12, 2012

Description: Here is a special treat that I think you guys will enjoy. It is a lesson that will show you "how to draw chibi Dr. Who", step by step. I can’t believe I never thought to do a tutorial on a chibi sized version of the very popular Doctor. Dr. Who is what you call a hidden gem because even though there are thousands and thousands of people that are huge fans of the show, there are also those that are not. I myself didn’t know about Dr. Who until someone requested him as a tutorial. In the past there have been lessons submitted by other members as well as artwork based on the Dr. Who series. This chibi version came out so adorable and I love how the pose, facial expression and everything came out. Anyways, you should enjoy this tutorial, because I know I did making it. Thanks people and enjoy!

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