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How To Draw An Easy Rocket

Artist: BridesMaidGurl / April 10, 2012
How To Draw An Easy Rocket

Step 1.

So guys,you're going to start of with a triangle on top of rectangle.Make sure the rectangle is nice and tall like this one!

Step 2.

Now, make about one third from the top of the rectangle,draw a line.Add three triangles to the bottom.THEY GOT LOW!

Step 3.

Divide up the top part like in the picture ;D

Step 4.

Now add a little circular window!;D I LIKE CIRCLES!

Step 5.

Now make a pattern up top and color it in how ever you want!Color in the tringles.

Step 6.

Ta-da!Easy right?And sorry if it sucks,this is my first tut with paint and that.So thanks!

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Artist: BridesMaidGurl
Date Added: April 10, 2012
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Description: Hey guys!How was Easter?Now,today I will be submitting a tutorial on How To Draw An Easy Rocket.If you guys don't know,I ahve this nerdy brother,and he loves science.I do too! So this is dedicated to my brother,Richard.It's pretty simple.I have been practicing this stuff lately,simple objects.So expect more tuts like this one!