How to Draw Suicide Squad Joker Easy


Start with the head/face guide shape like so and then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Using the guides you just made in step one, begin drawing the structure of Joker's face. It should be long and slender. Also add the pointed hairline as well.


We will now draw Joker's combed back hairstyle and add those wavy strands to add texture.


Before we draw in the face we have to sketch out the shapes of his ears. Do that now and add detailing inside the ears.


Now we can get started with the eyes. This version of Joker either doesn't have eyebrows, or the eyebrows are extremely light. Either way you will draw the brow bone so the eyes look sunken in. Sketch out the shapes of the eyes and the creases/wrinkl   


Draw the nose and mouth, followed by the teeth, frown line around the end of the mouth and then the indent to the cheek.


Lastly, erase your mistakes and all the guides, then draw in the teardrop under the right eye and write the word 'Damaged' on the forehead.


Now just color in the drawing and show off your artwork.

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August 17, 2015

Description: Hey folks, are you ready to tackle a lesson that is not only exciting and fun, but easy to replicate as well? Good, because what I have for you today is a tutorial on how to draw Suicide Squad Joker easy, step by step. Everyone knows that this version of the Joker is going to be highly popular once the film comes out in 2016. His face is already all over the internet and is going somewhat viral. If you look in the top 50 you will find another tut on Joker from Suicide Squad, but is of his whole body and face and some of you may like that. This lesson is easy, fun and exciting. I do hope you enjoy yourself, I still have a couple more tuts to upload and they are going to be requested tuts.

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