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How to Draw a Holiday Skeleton

Artist: jolly / January 3, 2015
How to Draw a Holiday Skeleton

Step 1.

Draw two circles, one for the head and one for the body. For the head circle make a guideline for the face.

Step 2.

Draw the guidelines for the feet, square hands, hat, and circle for the Santa bag.

Step 3.

Lets start off with the head. The skeleton face should be simple - round black eyes, upside down heart-shaped noes and a upper jaw with lines. Then draw the fluffy rim of his hat.

Step 4.

Finish up his hat with a pointy top and a fluffy ball at the end of the hand. For his neck draw a big scarf and his small neck inside.

Step 5.

His body should be a bell shape. He need a big belt and buckle. The buckle should be a simple rectangle. For the bottom add some fluff to make it more Santa like!

Step 6.

For his hands use square to make him fingers and add lines to make them appear more skeleton like. For the sleeves add some more fluff!

Step 7.

His feet should be simple straight lines with small black boots at the bottom.

Step 8.

For the Santa bag, try not to make it perfectly circle, try to make it a bit lumpy to indicate there are gifts inside.

Step 9.

I also added a cute candybubble next to him, this is optional. Also do not forget the end of the bag in his hand.

Step 10.

Clean out your lines!

Step 11.

For coloring Santa, I made the bones yellowish to show decay. Then I colored his suit the basic Santa suit colors.

Step 12.

Shade and your done! Happy holidays!

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