The Joker Symbol Drawing Lesson

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Let's start by drawing the top guideline which will help draw the bat symbol in this unique way that we are about to do.


For the left side, you will define the point for the first bat ear like so, and then just take your time filling the wing space with small bats with the smallest being at the tip of the wing. Once you have completed this first step, move to step thre   


Draw a separation line down the middle like so, and then begin filling the right wing space with a series of HAHA's like you see here. The letters are supposed to look like a crazed person wrote them.


Continue to move up the wing as you create more of the shape just by drawing the HAHA.


Before we are finished with drawing the completed shape of the bat, draw in the point or cone shape of the ear as well as the rest of the wing.


Lastly, fill in the empty space inside the left part of the bat symbol like so and if there are any visible mistakes and guidelines erase them now.


Here is the finished concept when you are done. Just add some color and show off this awesome concept.

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August 3, 2015

Description: Since the film 'Suicide Squad' is coming out in 2016, I thought it would be cool to make a lesson on a concept I seen as a tattoo idea. The idea or concept stuck in my head so much, I wanted to create this drawing on The Joker symbol and show you how to draw it step by step. Granted the concept might be time consuming because of all the small bats you will be drawing moving away from the 'bat' part of the symbol and you will also be drawing a series of 'HAHA' on the other side which will also have to form the opposite side of the bat logo wing. If you take your time and proceed with patience I believe that you can finish this tut with ease. So go ahead and have fun folks and please let me know if you like the concept at all.

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