How to Draw Killer Croc From Suicide Squad


We will start by drawing a shape for the head and then make another larger shape for the torso. When that is done you can draw the shoulder guides, limb guidelines and then the waist guides.


Up next, define the shape of Killer Croc's head structure like so. Notice that his face has angles and there are also ears.


You will now use the facial guidelines to draw in his eyes. This should include the eyebrows and shading in the inner of his eyes.


Continuing on with the face shall we. Draw in the small pointed nose and then draw the defined cheeks. When that is done you can draw the large snarling grin which is showing a full set of teeth. Add the wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks and chin as w   


We will now continue on by drawing the massive neck muscles and then the very broad shoulders. Once that is done you can sketch in the chest muscles and shoulder definition.


Continue to work on Killer Croc by drawing the long massive arms and almost both hands. Some fingers are missing on the left hand but you can fill that in later.


Almost done folks. Sketch out the outline for the upper body, waist, hips and then the thighs or legs. Don't forget to draw in the crotch too.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is first erase those guidelines and guide shapes you drew in step one. When that is done sketch in the scales on the shoulders, chest and ribs. I do believe that some of the lining might be gills, but I co   


Here is how the line art should look when you are all done. Now just color in Killer Croc from Suicide Squad. When you're done you can show off your work.

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July 14, 2015

Description: How many of you have been waiting for a lesson on a wicked cool DC Comics character that is also going to be in the upcoming 2016 film 'Suicide Squad'? Today I thought I would at least do a male figure instead of two females. In this tutorial we will learn how to draw Killer Croc, step by step. Again, I don't know much about this character, but I do know that Killer Croc is known to work against Batman as he is a supervillain. Killer Croc's birth name is actually Waylon Jones and he was born with some sort of birth defect. Anyways, I do believe you will enjoy drawing Killer Croc from Suicide Squad. I still have more lessons coming your way so try and stay tuned in.

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