SpongeBob and Spatula, How to Draw


Draw out the guidelines and shape for this step.


Next, using the square you just made, go ahead and draw out SpongeBob's body like you see here. Use the face guidelines to draw out the eyes, nose and mouth.


Finish his eyes and add the lashes. You will then draw the shirt and shorts/pants


Next, draw in his sleeves, arms and hands, then Spatula. We will then draw in SpongeBob's legs, socks and shoes.


You can clean up your drawing thus far. All you will be doing here is drawing the decorative pattern on the backgrounds and some of his spongy holes.


The line art comes out like this and is ready for color. I hope you had fun drawing this bright lesson on SpongeBob and Spatula.

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March 4, 2023

Description: Hey I'm back. Here is my adorable cute rendition of SpongeBob and his mighty spatula. I love that he LOVES his flipper friend. I think that is one of the cutest things about SpongeBob. His affection towards simple things. Anyways, I wanted to make a lesson that would show you how to draw SpongeBob and Spatula, step by step. I tried looking for one, but none was found. Enjoy this lesson and please remember to like, love, fav and of course, SHARE!!

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