How to Draw a Panda and Ramen


Begin with the guidelines and shapes like you see here.


You will draw out the shape of the panda's head, face and ears. You will also begin to draw the ramen as well as the chopsticks and hands.


Finish drawing the panda's face which includes the muzzle or nose. Next, draw the delicious goodness inside the shape of the bowl that you also have to draw out.


Lastly, add the definition to the tops of the chopsticks. Erase the guidelines and mistakes.


That's it, you are all done. Now add some color and show off the drawing you just completed.

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March 4, 2023

Description: Hey there everyone. I am back and today I bring with me two lessons with the first being this cute concept on how to draw a panda and ramen. I am a BIG fan of ramen and always look forward to trying different types of ramen I may come across. This panda is a perfect vessel to help showcase the delicious bowl of ramen that the oreo colored bear is eating. Always, have fun with this lesson. If you like it, remember to like, love, fav and don't forget to share.

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