How to Draw a Crystal Fox


Start like I always do and that is with your basic guides and shapes.


Next, use the guides to draw out the structure of the fox's face and head.


Continue to move on as you begin to tackle the body starting with the neck, collar chest and underbody along with the first hindleg.


We can now draw in the crystals as they grow out from the spirt/soul of the fox. Also define the muzzle with whiskers and dimples on the snout.


Next up, draw out the flower growing from backend of the fox. I crew a lily, but you can draw in any flower that you feel connected to. For me, it is the lily.


For the last step you can finish off the fox with the long, bushy tail which is drawn in a playful gesture. Erase your mistakes as well as the guides.


Here you have the fox, the crystals, and the flower. I hope you had fun drawing it out.

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March 5, 2023

Description: Hi guys. Today I have a concept piece that I think some or all will enjoy. I have many favorite things in life, two of which are foxes and crystals. I love how charming a fox can be while having a wit and rambunctious nature. Crystals are healing stones that can affect the internals of the human body. They are used for all sorts of things, but for me I use them to cleanse my mind, body and soul. So I incorporated two of my loves into one concept piece. I hope you enjoy this lesson, it's a piece of me that I'm putting out there in the open. Here is how to draw a crystal fox or a fox and crystals. Thanks for viewing and please, like, fav, comment, love and share.

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