How to Draw 3D Sandy Cheeks


Start off by making the guides for Sandy's head and torso. You will then sketch in the facial guidelines along with the arm and leg guides.


Use the head guide to sketch out the shape of Sandy's head and face. The lines should be added for the cheeks.


Next, completely draw in Sandy's face. Start with her big circle eyes, add the lashes and then draw in the nose, smile, tooth and then her eyelashes and ears.


Since Sandy is always wearing a space suit of sorts, draw in the metal collar for the suit.


Add the holes on the collar, then draw in the zipper flap and then draw the seam down the suit.


We will try and complete the suit by drawing the rest of the torso. Then draw in the arms as they rest on the sides of her waist.


Add some lining to form layered sleeves, then draw a patch with an acorn on it to the right side of the torso.


We will start drawing Sandy's legs, then draw in the beginning of her boots.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the rest of Sandy's big bulky boots like so. Don't forget to add the small circles on each ankle. Erase those guides along with the mistakes.


Here is the line art of your 3D Sandy Cheeks drawing. I hope you had fun folks, now I can show you something new to draw with my next tut.

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January 30, 2015

Description: Finally, the last character from the SpongeBob Squarepant's series. Here is how to draw 3D Sandy Cheeks, step by step. Everybody loves this Texan squirrel that so happens to live under the sea in Bikini Bottom. Sandy is also one of SpongeBob's best friend along with Patrick. Drawing Sandy Cheeks in 3D form will not only be fun, she will also be exciting because she will look like she does in the new movie. Thanks guys and stay tuned in for more drawing fun.

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