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simple eye

Artist: candlie / June 7, 2014
simple eye

Step 1.

First you start with a flick at the side then keep going like your doing a hill then stop then go down like the hills end

Step 2.

Next if you want to make it easier turn you papper around right so draw big hill and that's pretty much it for this step

Step 3.

Now draw the eye ball and pupil put a small lighting shape reflection in the pupil

Step 4.

Finally were to the last step all we have to do is a little details shade in the eyeball but dont shade the big space on the pupil put a line above the eye then do the eyebrow then on the very bottom line do three little eyelashes and your done

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Artist: candlie
Date Added: June 7, 2014
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Description: Hey guys I hope you enjoy this this tutorial if you have any questions or good comments please leave a comment