Jack and Sally Kissing Drawing Lesson

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Let's start out by drawing the two figures in the form of guides and shapes. The heads for them both, the torso shape for Sally and then the guidelines for their limbs.


Up next, we will work on Jack first. Using the head guide you made, draw the structure of his head, face and neck. Once that is done you can draw the shape of his eye, the brow bone and then the facial detailing.


We will draw Sally's face in next. Which is just the closed eye, her eyebrows, and the scar on her face. When that is done you can then draw the shape of her head which is in the form of her long flowing hair.


Let's draw in Sally's neck followed by her torso, arm sleeve and then the shape of her body. The blanks are there because that is where Jack's arm and hands will be. Add the scare on her neck and then the stripes on her sleeve.


We are almost done. Just a couple more steps. Here we will work on Jack. Start with the torso first and when that is done you can draw his long, skinny skeletal arms which are obviously covered by his jacket sleeves. Draw in his hands and add some de   


For our last drawing step all you have to do is draw Sally's arms and hands which are wrapped around Jack's neck. When that is done you can draw the stripes in her hair, the swirl designs on her dress and the detailing to Jack's body. Don't forget th   


Here is the line art. Once your drawing is all cleaned up you can start to add color to the drawing. I hope you liked this concept of Jack and Sally kissing.

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February 21, 2017

Description: Here is another awesome request that people wanted to see and that is on a couple from one of my favorite movies called 'A Nightmare Before Christmas'. This is ultimately a cult classic amongst people bold young and old. I know I have a few different lessons on Jack and Sally but none of them are based on the two kissing in a loving embrace. Here you will be learning how to draw Jack and Sally kissing, step by step. I love the way this drawing concept came out. I think it captures the two in a very emotional way. You can see and feel the love between Jack and Sally in this picture and I do hope that drawing Jack and Sally kissing will be just as awesome. Anyways, have fun and let me know if you lied this lesson.

#how to draw the nightmare before christmas characters #how to draw nightmare before christmas characters
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