How to Draw a Wolf Heart

Artist: Dawn / February 26, 2015

Step 1.

Let us begin by making two head guides for your wolves heads. Sketch in the facial guidelines next.

Step 2.

We will begin on the right side. Sketch out the shape of the wolf's head from a profile view. Add the inner edge lining to the wolf's head for added detailing. Make some sharp edged points for the fluff.

Step 3.

Here we will draw the shape of the neck which is again in jagged shard style edges. This is also the lining that will form the heart shape.

Step 4.

Up next, simply draw in the ears which are short and pointed and slightly curled.

Step 5.

To finish things off for the first wolf, draw in the solid shape of the eye, add lining down the snout and then draw in the cheek detailing.

Step 6.

Finish the first wolf off by sketching out the jagged lightning bolt design pattern for the back of the neck ad side of neck.

Step 7.

Okay, let's start drawing the second wolf which is located on the left of the paper. Draw the forehead, some of the snout and then draw the ears in the same style you did the first wolf's ears.

Step 8.

Draw the chin and cheek and then the neck lining. When you draw the neck lining for the second wolf, you will also form the heart shape in the middle.

Step 9.

Sketch out the spiked lining to the back of the wolf's body like so, then proceed to step ten.

Step 10.

Lastly, finish the entire drawing off by drawing the design inside the neck shape. Erase your mistakes as well as the guidelines and shapes.

Step 11.

When all is said and done, your drawing should come out looking like you see it done for you here. Now all you have to do is color in your drawing to complete the whole concept.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 26, 2015
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Tags: how to draw hearts, how to draw wolves, how to draw tribal animals
Description: Here is a fun concept that I know folks will definitely love. We will be tackling the task of drawing a wolf heart, step by step. I really had a lot of fun with creating this concept. I took two things I love drawing and combined them in a way that makes sense. The heart is in the center of two wolves heads as they are nose to nose with one another and what this whole image signifies to me is the love I have for wolves and for hearts. As you can see each wolf are in tribal concept form. They are probably one of favorite styled drawings out of all the wolves I made thus far. If you love drawing hearts and wolves you will really like this tut on drawing a wolf heart. Adios folks and enjoy this tut.