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how to make a rockstar chibi

Artist: Joshpr7788 / May 31, 2012
how to make a rockstar chibi

Step 1.

draw a cirle

Step 2.

add to face

Step 3.

fix the stop of the head

Step 4.

draw eyes and face( u might want to make the eyes bigger)

Step 5.

draw the mohawk(step 1)

Step 6.

draw the mohawk (step 2)

Step 7.

finsh the hair

Step 8.

draw a have circle under the head touching

Step 9.

start drawing the cloth

Step 10.

draw the arms and some of the gatair

Step 11.

draw basic shape of gatair

Step 12.

finsh cloth

Step 13.

draw pants

Step 14.

draw shoes

Step 15.

add details and color (i will make a new tut and it will be better (hand drawn) same topic tho i might change it tho

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Artist: Joshpr7788
Date Added: May 31, 2012
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Tags: draw chibis
Description: just a easy step by step tut for drawing a rockstar chibi