How to Draw Zuko


Okay, draw out the guidelines and shapes so that you have a for Zuko to work with. Start with a circle for his head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw out the body guidelines as you see them here and move to the next step.


All you do in this step is start sketching out his hair style. Make sure there are pointed bangs and that the hair hangs over his ears. Draw the eye lines and then move to the next step.


You will start this step by drawing out the shape of his torso as you see it here. Make sure you draw the lines for his arm and then move to the next step.


Start sketching out the circular scar on hiw face and then draw out more of his shirt and then his hand. Add detailing lines to his shirt as well like the "V" neck line.


These steps are so simple to follow aren't they? All you have to do here is sketch out the rest of his arms and hands, and then sketch in the detailing crease lines on his mid sleeve of his long sleeve shirt as seen here.


Continue to draw out the rest of his uniform or outfit clothes lining. Add some detail to his right arm around the wrist and elbow. Make sure that his pants are sort of ballooney and add some more detailing to the clothes.


Finish drawing out the pants and cap them off at the knee. Draw a pleaded fold and then draw out the rest of his legs and feet.Crinkle the clothes up a bot and them move onto your last drawing step.


well as you can see there really isn't a whole lot to do here. All you need to do is erase all the guidelines and shapes and then detail the tops of his shoes as you see here.


Color in your character and you have just learned how to draw Prince Zuko from Avatar The Last Airbender step by step. I hope you guys keep a look out for the new upcoming release of the Avatar movie.

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April 28, 2009

Description: I am really excited to be uploading this next character as a tutorial because there is an upcoming movie based on all the characters of the animated series that airs on Nickelodeon. I will be showing you how to draw Zuko from Avatar The Last Airbender step by step. Now I really don't know too much about this character, I mean I have heard of him and remember Zuko in a few episodes but that was when I was really into the show. Since my knowledge of Prince Zuko is limited, I needed to seek out some help with the description of the animated character from the TV series. Who was the best person for the job? Yup, my brother. My brother is really into the series and I went and asked him some 411 about Zuko and this is what he told me. First off Zuko is a Firebender from Fire Nation born into royalty. His father is Fire Lord Ozai and his mother is Princess Ursa. Some may recognize this character from the dark colored hair and his circular burn scar in his left eye. He always has a serious look on his face and Zuko's whole motivation is to find the Avatar that has been lost for a very long time. What he needs and thrives to do is gain back his honor an take his place as Crown Prince of Fire Nation. He was banished from Fire Nation some time back for reasons that only his family knows. Anyways, Prince Zuko is a really cool character to draw because he is so intense looking. I know you guys will have fun learning how to draw Prince Zuko from Avatar The Last Airbender step by step. There is a total of nine drawing steps. The reason why they are so lengthily is because I wanted to make this tutorial as easy as possible so that everyone can tackle the Nickelodeon character. I will be back tomorrow with more drawing fun so stay tuned and try and keep your eyes open for more upcoming cool lessons on the way. Until then, peace out homies.

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