How to Draw Katara

Artist: Dawn / June 11, 2009

Step 1.

To start this lesson on "how to draw Katara the Waterbender", you will need to draw a circle for her head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw out the shape of her torso and then the limb guidelines.

Step 2.

Now sketch out the actual shape of her head, cheek, jaw and or chin. Then sketch the shape of her top or shirt clothing including the sleeve. Add finger lines to the hand on Katara's waist, and then draw out the length of her skirt.

Step 3.

Now that you are on step three, you will begin sketching out her front and side hair line. She has two thin braids that start at the very front of her forehead and is knotted with two blue beads. Sketch in her face which includes the eyes, nose and f   

Step 4.

Almost done guys, what I need you to do now is sketch out the braided ponytail that falls on her shoulder and onto her chest. Finish off her arm and then add crease and or wrinkle lines in her skirt. Shape out the fingers and then move to the next st   

Step 5.

All you have to do here you will draw the design lines on her top clothing and then begin sketching out her legs and feet, then cap off her skirt.

Step 6.

Now that you are on your last drawing step, all you need to do is sketch out the puff fur on the ends of her skirt and on the top of her boots. Finish drawing out her legs and then add some last minute creases. Erase all the guidelines and shapes tha   

Step 7.

This is what your finished drawing should look like when you are completely finished. All you need to do is grab some nice shades of blue and color her in. You have now really finished "how to draw Katara from Avatar": the Last Airbender step by step   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Wow, I almost have all the main characters drawn from “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and that’s pretty sweet. I still can’t believe that there is an Avatar movie coming out soon, I’m really looking forward to seeing that in theaters. Anyway let me get back to talking about my next character tutorial. For those of you that was watching me live yesterday. You already know who I’m about to mention. I will be teaching you "how to draw Katara" from Avatar The Last Airbender, step by step. Katara is a Waterbender just like her brother Sokka. They live in the Southern Water Tribe and she and her brother were both raised by their grandmother because her mother “Kya” was killed when she was very young when she was attacked by the Southern Raiders. Katara’s father went away to war when she was only twelve and then after that it was up to her grandmother to raise the two kids to the best of her ability. Katara led a pretty normal life in the beginning although she suffered so much heart ache. It was Katara that stumbled upon an Air Nomad that was frozen in a huge block of ice. The Air Nomad that she found was no one other than Aang. Together Aang, Katara, and Sokka go on a life changing journey to help Aang stop the devastation and destruction that is being caused by the “Fire Nation”. As they travel together both Aang, Sokka, and Katara build their bending abilities becoming more powerful to have a greater chance to put peace back to the land. I love the look of Katara because she is so pretty and her Waterbending colors are so vibrant making her look almost like an angel. I always have fun "drawing Avatar characters", and I really do appreciate all the help you guys gave to me to make Katara come out awesome. I will leave right now but I shall return. For now I offer you this humble tutorial to learn from called; “how to draw Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender step by step. See ya soon people!